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We are storytellers. Why is that important? People connect through shared experiences in the form of stories. Our day-to-day lives are shaped by stories that entertain us, teach us life lessons, inspire us, or connect us with others on an emotional level. At Visual Circus, we believe a video should speak to people, not at them. Our aim is to not only produce high-quality visual content, but help you shape a communication that influences and connects people with your brand.

We Are

In high-end HD or 4K videography, scriptwriting, storyboards and post production inc. graphics and royalty free music. We also have access to some of the best voice over artists and on-screen talent.

We Offer

Director, Glen Jones offers over 22-years of television and corporate video production experience, having worked with the BBC, ITN and ITV (United Kingdom) and Channel 9 and Network Ten (Australia).

We Can

End-to-end video solutions for corporate videos, television (commercials/documentaries), websites, social media, live-stream events, conferences, business presentations and internal communications.

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