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Social media continues to change and unfortunately, Likes, Comments and Shares just don’t cut it anymore.

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Social Media Marketing Specialists

Today all of the big brands are measuring business conversions on social media, by applying measurable business objectives against everything they post. 


We apply these techniques to small business with great success. To achieve results, we take a unique, holistic approach to social media marketing that not only looks at social media content, but website content, website traffic, the company’s presence in Google search, broader marketing initiatives and actual day-to-day business objectives. 


Our affordable monthly management service will immediately put you ahead of your competitors – driving measurable business leads.


Visual Circus Director Glen Jones, has worked with some of Australia’s biggest brands like Dulux, Kathmandu, Beacon Lighting and Origin Energy, as well as organisations such as Melbourne Water and Victoria Police.


Making the tree-change to Ballarat, Glen now helps small business owners get the most out of their social media marketing.


Connect with Glen now on LinkedIn.


At Visual Circus, we specialise in content marketing. Content marketing involves the creation of online content such as videos, blogs and social media posts that don’t directly promote the brand. Instead, great content marketing stimulates interest in a brands products or services indirectly via narrative or storytelling.


Watch our short video about Tracey ‘Track’ Davies, used to promote International Women’s Day for a recruitment agency.



The zeitgeist of social is continually evolving. In order to innovate, engage and connect we continually watch, listen and learn from peers and people from all walks of life and fields of expertise. Connect or share your thoughts with us now.


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The technological revolution taking place across the world leaves brands with two core strategies: become the price leader – an option that often ends in a race to the bottom OR develop a strong emotional connection with your customers.

We specialise in the latter.