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Making Informed Decisions

Analytics and market insight

Making Informed Decisions



How do you make business decisions about how you promote and sell your product or service online?


Obviously, understanding who and how people are currently choosing to engage with your brand will help you remove the guesswork and enable informed decisions ongoing.


So how do you find out how people are engaging with you online? Data. Consumer insight via Google Analytics forms the base of any digital marketing strategy because as the saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know”.


For example, you might want to sell a new product or service to males in Ballarat aged 40+ but find that the people actually visiting your website are women aged 40+ from Melbourne.


Google Analytics provides information about everything from user demographics, to browser, device, and the time people spend on your site.


Google also has a suite of other free tools such as Search Console, Tag Manager and Optimizer that allow you to track users online.


However, Google Analytics data cannot be backdated, it’s only available from the date it is installed. So getting on board, sooner rather than later is key to building a history of customer engagement.


August 2, 2020


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