Analytics & Customer Insight


Today, consumers want tailored, individual products and services. To deliver this, successful businesses know what their customers look like, where they live, their pastimes and what they might earn. They also look to understand their decision making process when making a purchase.


How do they do this? They collect ‘user’ data from platforms like Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a very powerful free tool which provides information about everything from user demographics, to web browser, device, and the time people spend on a website. Google also has a suite of other free tools such as Search Console, Tag Manager and Optimizer that allow you to track users online.

Consumer decision making is a little more complex. To better understand the consumer decision process, Google has developed a consumer decision-making model (see illustration right).


They suggest, consumers look for information about a category’s products and brands, and then weigh all the options.


This equates to exploration: an expansive activity, and evaluation: a reductive activity. Before a purchase, Google state that people continually loop through exploration and evaluation, repeating the cycle as many times as they need to make a purchase decision.


As a small business owner, understanding who your customers are and how they are choosing to engage with you online forms the base of any digital marketing strategy. By undertsanding how potential customers are engaging with you will not only improve your product, or service offering, but help you increase conversions, or sales.


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