Clichéd COVID-19 Ads Stink

Terms like ‘agile’ are often spewed from the mouths of marketers and creatives at the onset of a crisis.


Unfortunately, as we are now seeing with COVID-19, this can lead to brands dumping BAU brand messaging for clichéd, generic advertising that fails to say anything at all.


This lack of distinction and differentiation is beautifully pieced together (in the video below), by Microsoft Sam: ‘Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same’.


Seeing brands en-masse tap into this stereotyped zeitgeist is more horrible to watch than the crisis itself.


Sure, it’s not BAU for every business and a great many industries have and will be hit hard – but the desire to ‘think different’ for the sake of it has only led to much of the same.


Disappointing, when there is actually so much to say right now.